Recommended Weblogs

  • Lawrence Economics Blog LU economics professors blog for students, alumni, and assorted fellow travelers.
  • Marginal Revolution Small steps toward entertainment and enlightenment, from blogger superstars Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen.
  • VoxEU A clearinghouse of research summaries with a policy emphasis.
  • The Monkey Cage  My favorite political science blog is at the Washington Post
  • Economix The New York Times trots out some great economists.
  • Freakonomics Levitt and Dubner are more amusing than “freaky”.
  • Environmental Economics Sounds about right.
  • Political Calculations Check the numbers for yourself, from the budget deficit to your BMI.
  • Economic Principals David Warsh’s indpendent weekly provides insight into the economics profession.
  • Econ Talk Not a blog, but Russ Roberts has amassed a great catalog of interviews.

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