Recommended Weblogs

  • Lawrence Economics Blog LU economics professors blog for students, alumni, and assorted fellow travelers.
  • Marginal Revolution Small steps toward entertainment and enlightenment, from blogger superstars Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen.
  • The Monkey Cage  My favorite political science blog is at the Washington Post
  • Economix The New York Times trots out some great economists.
  • Freakonomics Levitt and Dubner are more amusing than “freaky”.
  • Environmental Economics Sounds about right.   Be sure to check out the indispensable Env-Econ 101 materials for review &/or cramming.
  • Five Thirty Eight  Nate Silver’s excellent project.
  • Economic Principals David Warsh’s indpendent weekly provides insight into the economics profession.
  • Ed Dolan’s Blog  Some great generalist stuff here from economist, Ed Dolan.  Have you ever wondered where I got the almond questions?
  • VoxEU A clearinghouse of research summaries with a policy emphasis.
  • Econ Talk Not a blog, but Russ Roberts has amassed a great catalog of interviews.

From the Mudd

  • Lexis Nexis Access to a tremendous amount of material, newspapers, magazines, wire services, blogs, and probably more than that.
  • Web of Knowledge A search engine geared toward scientific and other academic publications.
  • Library databases Click on “databases” in the search box. Includes Academic Search Premier, Business Search Premier (under EBSCOhost), World Wide Political Abstracts.

Miscellaneous EconoStuff

  • The Journal of Economic Perspectives The true flagship journal of the American Economic Association — your source for review articles on myriad topics, and a symposium in every issue.  The last ten years of articles are available for anyone and everyone.  Another reason to be proud to be an economist.
  • The Economists View A very nice BE Press journal containing concise policy analyses.
  • Issues of the Day from Resources for the Future RFF posts 100 short, readable commentaries on “climate, energy, the environment, transportation, and public health policy.” Excellent starting point.
  • Resources for Economists The AEA’s clearinghouse of useful links, sites, and other stuff.