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As a full-time college professor from early in my career on, I enjoyed performing as actively as job and family circumstance allowed, primarily in the mid-west, until 1996.  From ca. 1990 until 1996 I began to experience symptoms of weakening, leading to a diagnosis of aesthenic vocal folds from early onset presbylarynx (aging) that resulted in vocal fold bowing.  This was determined to be constitutional (genetic) in origin.  My “swan song” as far as public performance was as the Evangelist in Bach’s St John Passion at Lawrence University in April of 1996.  Since that time I have enjoyed making music as a collaborative pianist with faculty colleagues and with my voice students.

The recordings below are mostly non-professional videos of my singing in the years 1988 to 1992.  While the video quality is poor, the audio quality is a fair representation of my singing.


Bach:  Cantata 26:  the aria “So schnell ein rauschend Wasser schiesst.”

Handel:  Messiah:  “Comfort Ye….Every Valley.”

Handel:  Messiah:  Thy Rebuke…Behold and see…He was cut off…but Thou didst not leave

Handel:  Messiah:  He that dwelleth in heaven…Thou shalt break them


Poulenc:  Le violon

Poulenc:  Les gars qui vont à la fete

Poulenc:  C

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:   “Das doch gemahlt”

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:  “Und steht ihr früh”

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:  “Wenn du mich mit den Augen streifst und lachst”

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:  “Benedeit”

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:  “Schon streckt ich aus”

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:  “Gesegnet sei”

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:  “Der Mond”

Wolf:  from Italienisches Liederbuch:  “Was für ein Lied”

Rossini Set

Ch’io mai vi possa

Mi lagnero

Ecco quel fiero istante

Vieni, o Ruggiero

La Danza

Ives:  “Charlie Rutledge”

Ives:  “Two Little Flowers”

Ives:  “Songs My Mother Taught Me”

Ives:  “The Greatest Man”

Selections from Vaughan Williams Songs of Travel

The Vagabond, Let Beauty Awake, Roadside Fire, Whither Must I Wander, Bright Is the Ring of Words

Music Theater and Opera

Kern:  from Showboat:  “Who cares if my boat….We could make believe”

Kern:  from Showboat:  “You are love”

Donizetti:  from L’elisir d’amore:   “Una parola, Adina”

Donizetti:  from L’elisir d’amore:   “Obbligato”

Donizetti:  from L’elisir d’amore:  “Caro elisir”

Donizetti:  from L’elisir d’amore:   “Una furtive lagrima”

Bernstein:  from West Side Story:   “Maria” (audio only)


Hymn:  “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

Interviews about Acoustic Pedagogy:

NATS Chat: The Vocal Acoustic Landscape:  How to Solve the Challenges Singers Face Across Range, January, 2016.

Interview with Singwisevocals host, Karyn Lane O’Connor on vocal acoustics and vowel modification, December 12, 2017, recorded and posted.

Interview on Voice Matters, hosted by Liz Johnson, from December, 2017:  includes questions about my personal journey of discovery in voice acoustics, to questions about my personal vocal health history, to where I think voice pedagogy is going.

Interview with Djarts Voice Studio Livecast: Vocal Essentials, on Acoustic Registration, Brisbane, Australia, July 30, 2018.

MC VocalFri Podcast Interview of Ken and Joanne Bozeman with Nick Perna, Mississippi College,  March 18, 2019.

Vocalscope Podcast with Juliette Caton, broadcast from an interview taken September 8, 2019, in Bergholt, England.

Honors Convocation Address:

“Voice, the Muscle of the Soul:  Finding Yourself through Finding Your Voice.   Lawrence University, Honors Day Convocation, May 22, 2018