David GerardAssociate Professor and Chair
Department of Economics
Lawrence University
210 Briggs Hall

(920) 993 6035
david.gerard at lawrence.edu

Curriculum Vitae (June 2013)

I am an associate professor and the chair of the department of economics at Lawrence University with specialties in risk regulation and public policy. In addition to economics offerings, I teach courses in the Environmental Studies program and am an interested party in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program.

I came to Lawrence in 2009 after eight years at Carnegie Mellon University, six as executive director of the Center for the Study & Improvement of Regulation (CSIR).  I had an active teaching role both in the Department of Social & Decision Sciences and in the Engineering & Technology Innovation Management (ETIM) program. I maintain a Carnegie Mellon connection as an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Engineering & Public Policy

My Ph.D. is in economics from the University of Illinois and I have a B.S. in American studies and economics from Grinnell College.

If you have comments, please leave them at our department blog site: blogs.lawrence.edu/economics

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