Spanish Language and Culture

Lenguaje Gramática Organizadores graficos y “Thinking Maps”
ACTF Interpretive resources El castellano
Real Academia de la Lengua Española Verb conjugator Rubricas: Rubistar
Cult of pedagogy Online graphical dictionary
Corpus del español Gramatica on line Thinking Map
Language in Netflix Grammar Book (Bowdoin) on line Mind map
Word reference More Exercises (Colby) Infographics
Languages on Line Spanish notes
Vocabulario Literatura
Vocabulario: Word Clouds Quia CommonLit
Lingolex Aprender Espanol Macedonio Fernández
Crosswords Learn Spanish Grammar Garcia Marquez Digital Collection
Tagxedo Wikilengua
Spanish Vocabulary UniSpain Onetti documental
SmorgasBoard Conjuguemos Audio Sources for Literature in Spanish **
Make your own comics Rodolfo Walsh
  Ciudad Seva Cuentos
Bloom’s Categories El Quijote Virtual
Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy | PDF Análisis Sintáctico LANIC
ASU Teach Online Integrating Technology with Bloom’s Taxonomy Ejercicios interactivos A media voz: Los poetas
Boston College Libraries: Bloom’s Taxonomy & Technology Integration Analizador  Viajes de Sarmiento
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning – Bloom’s Digital Technology Ejemplos de análisis sintáctico Emory postcolonial studies
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning – Bloom’s Digital Technology Web Edition Analizador Entrevistas con escritores
Análisis morfologico
ARTICLE: How I failed at French ** Nueva Argiropolis – Martel
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3 ways to make remote learning more engaging ISTE Pear Deck
Student-Centered Remote Teaching: Lessons Learned from Online Education Near Pod
OLC: Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to COVID-19 – Faculty Playbook
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