Spanish 425 Latin American Visual Arts

Course Description

A broad introduction to Latin American cultures through its visual arts. The course surveys major movements and artists in Latin American art from the late nineteenth-century to the present, alongside selected texts and films. In Spanish.

Units: 6.
Also listed as Art History 275
Prerequisite: One 300-level course in Spanish or consent of instructor

Required Texts

Edward Lucie-Smith. Arte latinoamericano del Siglo XX  (it will be provided by the professor).

Recommended Texts (in reserve at the Library):

Ades, Dawn. Art in Latin America: the modern era, 1820-1980.  Haven: Yale University Press, 1989

Gutiérrez, Ramón, and Rodrigo Gutiérrez Viñuales.  Historia del arte iberoamericano. España: Lunwerg, 2000.

Barnitz, Jacqueline. Twentieth-century art of Latin America. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001.

Ramírez, Mari Carmen and Héctor Olea.  Inverted utopias: avant-garde art in Latin America. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004.

Lucie-Smith Website:


Diversity Requirement II.1:  Global Perspectives and Issues

Competency Requirement III.b: Speaking Intensive

: A maximum of three unexcused absences are allowed for this class.

  • After this limit is reached, there will be a deduction of 2% (per additional absence) taken from the student’s final participation grade.
  • In addition to this standard grade penalty, any absence or lack of punctuality will also impact a student’s participation score.


A          100-93                                                  C+        79-78

A-        92-90                                                    C          77-73

B+        89-88                                                    C-        72-70

B          87-83                                                    D+       69-68

B-        82-80                                                    D         67-63

D-        62-60

F          59 and Below