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Lawrence University Spanish Department 
AP Central  Lawrence Academic Resources
AP Higher Ed AP 2018 Exam audio
Pagina de profesores  AP Units Sra. Carmen Dreaming Spanish
Ver-Taal Best SPAN Websites Inclusive teaching
Rocio Serrano Claudia Larrotta Senora B AP Units
AP Literature
 AP Literature Reading list and texts AP Literature  Angelica Jimenez Cameron Stephen website
Authentic Materials
 TV  Posters News Live and archived television from Spain Glogster Newsela News from a European perspective Edu Glogster News in Slow Spanish Links to Internet TV stations. Find the data Newseum
Antena 3 (Spain) Reading
Cervantes TV Videos y Cine Clarin (Argentina)
Univision Make own videos La Nacion  (Argentina)
SchoolTube Peliculas en castellano El Pais (España)
VMeTV Realia Project Diarios   Latinoamericanos
TV UNAM Digital Media Archive Diarios y Revistas argentinos
Canal 7 Mendoza Las voces de las mujeres CNN en español
Lo mas TV Spanish proficiency exercices CNN Expansion
Entrevistas con esccritores Audio exercices BBC en español
Servicio de Televisión de las Naciones Unidas TED LANIC
Screen recorder Casting Guia Repsol (Spain)
Podcasts y Radio filminute Digitalia
Radio de España Simon’s Cat videos Thepaperboy  
Radio TV Española Nueva Argiropolis – Martel Prensa Escrita 
Audiria. Español con Audiotextos   Voice Thread New York Times en español
Mas Voces Animaker Videos for education Multimedia de las Naciones Unidas
Notes in Spanish  Mapas Border Video NYT
Radio Naciones Unidas 40 maps Presentaciones
Estudio Abierto National Geographic Society Slide Share
Radioteca National Geographic en Español AuthorStream
Audio Lingua Historical Maps Prezi
Radio Ambulante Immigration Map Prezi for education
iVox U.S. Territorial Maps 1775-1920 Import Power Point to Prezzi
University of Toronto materials Political Maps Washington Post
Audio Abriendo Puertas 2007 Voice / Audio Tablas e Infografías
Lyrics training Voice Translator Statista
Audiotextos Gratuitos Natural Reader Como hacer tablas para la clase
Audio Libros Skype in classroom Infografías en español
Batanga Radio Online Voice Recorder: Vocaroo Charts on languages
Podcast ONU Hellowtalk Top 10 Sites for Creating Charts
Radios del mundo Amy Lenord Pinterest
Radio Mitre (Argentina)  
Latino/Hispanic/Spanish Studies Latin American Studies Miscellaneous
Latino Photography Jose Galvez University of Chicago Timers
Latino Recovery Project Princeton Lat Am Studies / Fakebook **
Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies CLASP  (Consortium for Latin American Studies Programs) Law and Humanities
Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. UW Milwaukee
LatinoAmericans PBS Series Panoramas (U of Pittsburgh) Todays Meet
UNESCO Historia de America Latina Kaizena: Instant feedback
Council on Hemispheric Affairs Embedded Reading
Latin American Studies at Lawrence Universal Design for Learning
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Explain Everything  Real Time Board Gradeable
Animaker  allows a user to generate voice over from texts (text to speech conversion software)
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