Professional Experience


Fall 2019          Graduate Seminar. “Border Studies and Literatures in the United States.” Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina. August 8-10.

Fall 2016         Graduate Seminar. “Space as Text.” Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina. September 1-3, 2016.

Fall 2014         Graduate Seminar. “Border Studies and Literatures in the United States.”  Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina. August 28-30, 2014.

2000-present    Professor. Lawrence University.(Associate Professor (tenured).2000-2005. Professor 2005-present).

Courses taught:

  • Latin American Urban Cultures: Buenos Aires
  • Jorge Luis Borges
  • Space as Text
  • Latin American Visual Art
  • Hispanic Issues
  • Border Studies
  • Survey of Latin American Literature
  • Current Events in the Spanish-Speaking World
  • Latin American Civilization and Culture
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Beginner and Intermediate Spanish
  • Freshman Studies Seminar

 Summer 2011 Visiting Assistant Professor University of Virginia. Semester at Sea Program. Charlottesville, VA. Summer 2011 Voyage. June 15 – August 20.  (Bahamas, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco)

      • Courses taught:
        Texts and Interpretations. (In Spanish)
        Introduction to Drawing. (In English)

§  Organized and lead Field Trips with students in:
§  Spain. Barcelona. Gaudí Tour
§  Italy. Capri
§  Croatia. Dubrovnic City Orientation
§  Greece. The Acropolis and Athens
§  Bulgaria. Stone Forest
§  Turkey. Istanbul.Sufi Dervish Ceremony
§  Turkey. Sile Hacili Village hike
§  Morocco. Casablanca City Orientation

Fall 2009         Graduate Seminar. “Border Studies and Literatures in the United States.” (In English). Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina. August 30– September 2, 2009.

Fall 2008         Visiting Assistant Professor University of Virginia. Semester at Sea Program. Charlottesville, VA. Fall 2008 Voyage. August 24 – December 14.  (Bahamas, Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan, Hawai’i, Costa Rica, Panama Canal)

      • Courses taught:
        The Nobels. (In English)
        Space as Literature: travelers, dreamers, natives. (In English)
        Introduction to Drawing. (In English)

§  Organized and lead Field Trips with students in:
·         Brazil. Salvador. Sacred Arts Museum
·         Namibia. Walvis Bay. Salt Mine
·         South Africa. Cape of Good Hope
·         South Africa. 4 Day tented safari. Manyeleti Game Reserve
·         South Africa. Capetown. District 6 Museum and Langa Township
·         India. Chennai. St. Thomas Mount
·         India. Chennai. Rural Village and Dakshinachitra Heritage Village
·         Malaysia. Penang. Kek Lok Si Temple
·         Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City

Fall 2006         Graduate Seminar. “Border Studies and Literatures in the United States.” (In English). Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina. August 22- September 2.

Fall 2004         Fulbright Graduate Seminar. “Identidades Hispanas en Estados Unidos.” Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina. July 22 – September 28.    

1989-2000       Professor of Spanish. The University of Lynchburg. (1995-2000 Associate Professor (tenured). 1989-1995 Assistant Professor). Courses taught:
·         Latin American Culture (In Spanish and English)
·         Latin American Literature in Film (In English)
·         Survey of Latin American Literature (In Spanish and English)
·         Advanced Language Practice
·         Writing Workshop
·         Commercial Spanish
·         Spanish Composition & Conversation
·         Beginner and Intermediate Spanish

Assistant Professor of Painting. The University of Lynchburg. Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Fall 1998

1987-89           Teaching Assistant. University of Pittsburgh. 

1985-86           Teaching Assistant. West Virginia University. 


  • September 2023 External Reviewer for Luther College’s Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. Decorah, IA.
  • February 2013   External Reviewer for Saint Mary’s College’s Department of Modern Languages. St. Mary’s College. Notre Dame, IN.
  • October 2011     External Reviewer Latin American Studies Program. Lake Forest College. Lake Forest, IL.
  • 2010-present    External Reviewer. Universidad de Aconcagua. Mendoza, Argentina. Authors: Kevin Garth Coryell, Silvia Edith Giménez, Analía Molina, Alejandra Posebón. Project: “Narrative Construction and its Affect in the Writing of Margaret Atwood and Cormac McCarthy” (2011).
  • 2009-present    External Reviewer. Banco de Expertos Evaluadores Externos. CIUDA (Consejo de  Investigaciones de la Universidad del Aconcagua). Mendoza, Argentina.
  • 2005-present    Associate Member. MAPEAL (Macao Association for the Promotion of Exchange between  Asia-Pacific and Latin America). Gary Mei-Cheong Ngai, Director.
  • 2001-present    Regional Faculty Associate of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina.
2009-present    Member Comité de Publicaciones y Lectura. Revista de Lenguas Extranjeras.
2004-present    Member Comité Académico. Magister en Literaturas en Lengua Inglesa.

Master Thesis Co-director

  • Natalia Cazenave. “King of Cuba by Cristina García.” (2016)
  • Ivana Beatriz Bufa. “Fronteras imaginadas: significación y alcance en la construcción de la identidad de Ifemelu, la protagonista de Americanh de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie” (2015)
  • Agustina Dalla Torre. “La mujer como doble minoría en la novela In the Time of the Butterflies de Julia Álvarez” (2012)
  • Mariana Vega. “La problemática de la diversidad cultural en la narrativa de la escritora Sandra Cisneros en la colección de cuentos Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories.” (2012)
  • Ariadna Marsonet. “Miguel Méndez’s Peregrinos de Aztlán. Desplazamiento espacial, temporal, y espiritual en busca de la identidad chicana.” (2011)

Lawrence University

  • 2014-2015        Member ad-hoc Study Abroad task force.
  • 2011-2012        Member/Chairperson Committee on Diversity Affairs.
  • 2008-present    Co-Director Latin American Studies Program.
  • 2005-2010       Member Fellows Committee.
  • 2005-2006       Member Staff, Faculty and Emeriti Faculty Engagement for Lawrence University Campaign Group.
  • 2005-2006       Chair / Advisor International Studies Program.
  • 2004-2006       Chairperson Foreign Languages Coalition.
  • 2000-2011       Chairperson Spanish Department.
  • 2001-2003       Member Governance Committee.
  • 2000-2001       Member Committee on Instruction.

The University of Lynchburg

  • 1999-2000       Member “Dean James Turner Chair in the Humanities.” Committee.
  • 1997-1998       Chairman Educational Policies Committee.
  • 1997-2000       MemberTeaching & Learning Through Technology Roundtable Committee.
  • 1993-2000       Member LCSR (Lynchburg College Symposium Readings) Committee.
  • 1993-1995       Member Academic Computing Services Committee.
  • 1989-2000       Member Department of Foreign Languages.


  • Spanish – Native proficiency
  • English – Near-native proficiency
  • French and Portuguese – Working knowledge


  •  Interpreter and Cultural Translator for Cartus’ Cross-Cultural programs.
  • Certified Interpreter. Bowne Global Solutions (Former Berlitz International, Inc.)
  • Translation for Environmental, Health & Safety department of Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc. USA. 2003.
  • Translation for Alcan Packaging – Food Packaging, Americas. 2002
  • Simultaneous Interpreter for National Labor Relations Board. February 12, 2003.
  • Translations for “E-Z Taping System.” Green Bay, Wisconsin. 2000-2010.
  •  Translation for Aid Association for Lutherans (AAL). Appleton, Wisconsin. 2001.
  •  Translation Consultant for “American Academy of Family Physicians” (AAFP) Foundation Health Education Program. 2000.
  • Simultaneous Interpreter.  Juvenile District Court. Lynchburg, VA. February 10, 1999.
  • Simultaneous Interpreter. INTERMET Corporation. Archer Creek Plant for Renault Mexico Audit. Lynchburg, Virginia. February 1998.