Map of China (University of Maryland)
Timeline of Chinese History (University of Maryland)
Chinese Pod
The Caves of Dunhuang
The Classical Period
Yi Jing: Resources (Greg Whincup)
Sun Zi (Sun Tzu), The Art of War (
Image: The First Emperor of Qin (University of Maryland)
Extracts from Shi Ji (Records of the Grand Historian) (CUNY)
The Era of Division and the Tang DynastyGateways to Buddhism (DharmaNet International)
Fa Xian (Fa-Hsien): A Record of the Buddhistic

Portraits of Chinese Emperors (

Late Imperial China
Marco Polo on the Tartars (Fordham University)
Marco Polo: The Glories of Kinsay (Hangzhou) (Fordham University)
Jesuits in China (Library of Congress)
Xu Guangqi (Hsu Kuang-chi): Memorial to the Emperor (1617) (Fordham University)
The Chinese Educational System (Fordham University)
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
General Qing Dynasty History (
Teaching Western Science to the Emperor (Fordham University)
Chinese Punishments (Fordham University)
A Visit to a Lama (Fordham University)
Dream of the Red Chamber (Chapter One) (University of Virginia)
Taiping Rebellion (CUNY)
Education in Late Qing China (Fordham University)
Emperor Guang Xu (Kuang Hsu) on Imperial Examination (Fordham University)
20th Century ChinaRepublican Era (1912-1949) (
People’s Republic of China (1949-present) (
Chinese Paintings at the Met


Internet Guide for China Studies (Heidelberg University)
Chinese Studies Resources at UCLA
Classical Historiography for Chinese History (UCLA)
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook (Fordham University)
Tibetan Studies (
Bibliography: Women in Chinese History (Patricia Ebrey)