Anti-Bias Training & Executive Education

Diversity and inclusion workshops often backfire, making matters worse instead of better because audience members feel scolded rather than engaged. Dr. Glick approaches executive education presuming good intentions, showing where and how bias unintentionally and subtly creeps into executive decision-making. Rather than blaming individuals, Dr. Glick shows how to alter organizational procedures to combat bias effectively. Engaging demonstrations and quizzes reveal how we all share unintended biases.

Dr. Glick has delivered executive education in both corporate (e.g., Bayer Healthcare) and academic (e.g., Harvard Business School) settings. Along with Robert Livingston (Harvard) he developed anti-bias training for Airbnb as part of of Airbnb’s efforts to combat discrimination against guests and create a more inclusive community in which people are treated equally regardless or race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or age.

Dr. Glick is an engaging speaker who makes cutting edge findings on discrimination and diversity accessible to all audiences. He has delivered invited talks at American universities (including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cornell, NYU, and Northwestern) and internationally (including INSEAD in France, Universidad de Granada in Spain, University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, University of Jena in Germany, University of Leuven in Belgium, the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile, and University of Kent in England).