Expert Witness

Dr. Glick has served as an expert witness in multiple discrimination cases. Cases typically settle before trial, but Dr. Glick has testified in Federal Court in Chicago and Boston.

Dr. Glick’s testimony has withstood motions to exclude by opposing counsel. In Tuli v. Brigham & Women’s Hospital (resulting in a $1.6 million judgment), Judge Nancy Gertner found that “Professor Glick’s opinion is based not simply on experience, but also social psychological testing of stereotyping and discrimination over the past thirty to forty years… [he] brings the insights of established scientific theory and social framework analysis, as to which he is an expert, to bear on the facts of this case. It is an area that the jury may well not have common knowledge” (Memorandum Re: Motions to Exclude Expert Testimony, January 6, 2009, United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Case #07CV12338-NG).